Thursday, April 02, 2009

Grey's Last Week - OMG!

by Anabel Blue

Say what you will, but I am a Grey's Anatomy nut. Caution, if you're not up-to-date with your DVR, spoilers may be found! Word on the street is that there is a wedding coming up, and it's not between Derek and Meredith. What couples remain? Well... there's Owen and Christina, but that would be pretty doomed since she can't fall asleep for fear of him murdering her... Sloan and Little Grey, doesn't seem likely for the badboy bed-hopper to get hitched but he does seem smitten... then there's Izzie and Karev. Alex is another badboy-non-committer. I'd say this is the best choice, since Katherine Heigl has opted out of the series this season... will she marry Alex and then...die?

But wait. Word is that George O'Malley is also leaving Seattle Grace this year. Maybe Izzie and George will get hitched and get out of Dodge together? Stranger things have happened. Of course, that would leave Karev the lonely boy once again. And I think he really loves Izzie. From last week:

Izzie: Hey
Alex: I snooched into a cup for you today.
Izzie: Um, thank you?
Catch the replay online if you missed and find out what Alex means by "snooched". Hmm.

Tune in next week!

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