Saturday, May 23, 2009

OMG! Not 007!

I waited awhile to watch the finale of Grey's Anatomy. I carefully avoided all the spoilers flying around. If you haven't watched. stop reading now.

I pretty much knew Izzie would expire. I mean, it had long been announced that both Katherine and T. R. were leaving the show, it was just a question of how. I actually thought they might run off together. How stupid was that? So when it looked like Izzie would rally there at the end, I knew it was a fake-out. But when the mutilated "John Doe" good samaritan etched "007" into Meredith's palm, I was just stunned. It was a good kind of stunned, I wasn't angry at the writers, but I was angry when George died. What a shocking way to end the show. I also thought the elevator scene was borderline campy. George looked awesome in uniform, but it was, well... uh.

Now the new season will have to begin with grief. Losing both Izzie and George in this manner will be really tough on the docs. No matter that Sloan and Little Gray are about to shack up. And what do you think about Derek and Meredith's pseudo hand-fasting? Eh. Like that's gonna hold water, right?

I still think Chandra Wilson is one of the best things about Grey's. Her spunky, in-your-face golden-heartedness just fills such a big spot on this show. She has reminded me of someone I really care about for some time, but didn't put my finger on it until this last episode. My publisher and friend Karen Syed is my real-life Miranda Bailey. And that's a compliment, Karen!

I won't miss Isobel Stevens all that much, but George's absence will be very noticable for me. RIP, 007. Seattle Grace won't ever be the same without you.



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