Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Steamy and very erotic..."

So says Danielle at Coffee Time Romance, one of my FAVORITE romance reader sites... and if Danielle likes it, you will like it, too!

Four coffee cups is a great review! Although I think four pink martinis would be really sweet, don't you?

Danielle does say she's not sure about Bobby's making fun of Chelsea; well, it's true that he finds her amusing, but without spoiling the fun, I can't really tell you why. (It will only cost you a buck fifty to find out for yourself!)

SEX LIBRIS, by Anabel Blue, new short & steamy from Erotique Press! Read it today--you know you want to... ON SALE NOW 25% OFF! (Can you afford $1.13?)

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Angela Lee said...

Wow! Doing it in a library sounds like a very enticing proposition! Nice review, too!