Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Lonely of Twitterdom

Ms. Anabel is frustrated with Twitter. There is a person on this network whom she very much covets, but she cannot touch him. She can follow him, but unless he chooses to follow her, he will never see her there. Like a one-way mirror, she watches his seductive tweets throughout the night, sees into his mind, hears his laughter, his whispered suggestions... but alas, he doesn't know she's there.

Her cat walks across her keyboard, adding more upset.

Anabel is going to draw the curtain over the looking glass for tonight.

Stupid Twitter.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Swimming Nekkid

Ms. Anabel has done it, have you? She says there is nothing like it, the feeling of cool, clean water rushing by your skin--which is, by the way, one of your Most Sensitive Organs--unencumbered by heavy, weighted, restrictive clothing of any kind.

Bathing suits, Anabal says, are terribly over-rated. Sure, they might look good when you first put them on, as you pose just so on the chaise lounge so that Mr.-All-Get-Out-Sexy guy can view those most precious parts of you, (your gift, of course, to him...) but once that suit gets wet, it's libel to become misshapen, dreary, heavy, scratchy, downright icky. So, just take it off.

Swimming, and sleeping, Anabel is quite certain, must be done in the nude. She feels quite strongly about it, and that's why her character Ms. Marisa drops her smart little biz suit and goes skinny dipping in the boss's Beverly Hills mega estate pond in the upcoming short erotic tale, WHILE THE CAT'S AWAY. But more on that soon. It's time for swim.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Steamy and very erotic..."

So says Danielle at Coffee Time Romance, one of my FAVORITE romance reader sites... and if Danielle likes it, you will like it, too!

Four coffee cups is a great review! Although I think four pink martinis would be really sweet, don't you?

Danielle does say she's not sure about Bobby's making fun of Chelsea; well, it's true that he finds her amusing, but without spoiling the fun, I can't really tell you why. (It will only cost you a buck fifty to find out for yourself!)

SEX LIBRIS, by Anabel Blue, new short & steamy from Erotique Press! Read it today--you know you want to... ON SALE NOW 25% OFF! (Can you afford $1.13?)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Why a Library, You Ask?

I ask, why not?

Okay, I may or may not try something as brash as seducing a guy between Shakespeare and Faulkner. But there is something...titlating?... about doing it in a public place. I mean, seriously, a library? How about if the intended, hot, seductee has a mom just around the corner working at the check-out desk!

Chelsea Mannix doesn't care. In fact, the thought of almost being caught only drives her passion higher. And Bobby, she's sure, won't mind, once he gets a look at what she's wearing underneath her short, pleated skirt... which ain't much...

SEX LIBRIS by, well, me!

Give it a quick read today!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

OMG! Not 007!

I waited awhile to watch the finale of Grey's Anatomy. I carefully avoided all the spoilers flying around. If you haven't watched. stop reading now.

I pretty much knew Izzie would expire. I mean, it had long been announced that both Katherine and T. R. were leaving the show, it was just a question of how. I actually thought they might run off together. How stupid was that? So when it looked like Izzie would rally there at the end, I knew it was a fake-out. But when the mutilated "John Doe" good samaritan etched "007" into Meredith's palm, I was just stunned. It was a good kind of stunned, I wasn't angry at the writers, but I was angry when George died. What a shocking way to end the show. I also thought the elevator scene was borderline campy. George looked awesome in uniform, but it was, well... uh.

Now the new season will have to begin with grief. Losing both Izzie and George in this manner will be really tough on the docs. No matter that Sloan and Little Gray are about to shack up. And what do you think about Derek and Meredith's pseudo hand-fasting? Eh. Like that's gonna hold water, right?

I still think Chandra Wilson is one of the best things about Grey's. Her spunky, in-your-face golden-heartedness just fills such a big spot on this show. She has reminded me of someone I really care about for some time, but didn't put my finger on it until this last episode. My publisher and friend Karen Syed is my real-life Miranda Bailey. And that's a compliment, Karen!

I won't miss Isobel Stevens all that much, but George's absence will be very noticable for me. RIP, 007. Seattle Grace won't ever be the same without you.



Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SEX LIBRIS Is Available!

At long last! I have a new release, and... is it hot in here? Somebody give me an ice cube to draw down my chest...

I've heard of having sex in unusual places, but--in the library? Is Chelsea Mannix crazy, or just crazy for Bobby McVicker?

Here's the commercial: Download your copy today at Erotique Press, for only $1.50!

Whew. Off to turn down the A/C~


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Grey's Last Week - OMG!

by Anabel Blue

Say what you will, but I am a Grey's Anatomy nut. Caution, if you're not up-to-date with your DVR, spoilers may be found! Word on the street is that there is a wedding coming up, and it's not between Derek and Meredith. What couples remain? Well... there's Owen and Christina, but that would be pretty doomed since she can't fall asleep for fear of him murdering her... Sloan and Little Grey, doesn't seem likely for the badboy bed-hopper to get hitched but he does seem smitten... then there's Izzie and Karev. Alex is another badboy-non-committer. I'd say this is the best choice, since Katherine Heigl has opted out of the series this season... will she marry Alex and then...die?

But wait. Word is that George O'Malley is also leaving Seattle Grace this year. Maybe Izzie and George will get hitched and get out of Dodge together? Stranger things have happened. Of course, that would leave Karev the lonely boy once again. And I think he really loves Izzie. From last week:

Izzie: Hey
Alex: I snooched into a cup for you today.
Izzie: Um, thank you?
Catch the replay online if you missed and find out what Alex means by "snooched". Hmm.

Tune in next week!